A lot of pre-preparatory school families and expat families in London personally left testimonies for Sewayaki Mariko so that new clients can refer to these testimonies when the business is officially registered in London.

“I have asked Mariko san to tutor and nanny my son around the 10th month since I started to live in London as an expat from Japan. My son was at a reception at that time. It was also the time that I was told by his pre-preparatory school to visit a speech therapist because they thought that my son’s ability of speaking English is low. My husband was often away during weekends and I also have a son of 2 years old so I had so much things to do for everyone in the family that I was overwhelmed and started to feel down. Mariko-san does not only help doing the pre-preparatory school’s homework but also take him to supermarket or café where he is prepared for practicing his English in everyday life-setting with shop clerks or café staff. She takes him to the zoo and museums. She interacts with my son in a fun way and interactive way that my son started to speak English without him not resisting to speak English language. I myself felt so much better for everything and I am really thankful for Mariko san. I am embarrassed to mention this but my son couldn’t poop on his own in a toilet but after a few weeks Mariko san started to take care of him, he could start to poop on his own in the toilet. One day, he said to us, “I can do it on my own.” We didn’t understand what he was talking about at first but we were very pleasantly surprised that he could poop on his own in a toilet! He suddenly could do it on his own after she started to come to our house a few weeks earlier. It was also the time he suddenly started to speak English. I think he was building a confidence around that time. What helps me most since I asked Mariko-san to tutor him is that he started to study very well. He usually gets angry when I teach him so there was a risk that he would start not liking to study but Mariko san never gets angry. She has been teaching him by praising his work so he started to concentrate on studying for longer hours. Moreover, Mariko san is an educated person and so my son started to get interested in many different things when he came back from the trips to the museums and after she explained to him in the academic ways at the museums, which influences him greatly. Since Mariko-san came, I am so happy to hear that my son changed in a very good way from a lot of mothers. A lot of the mothers asked me to introduce Mariko san. I don’t want to tell them about her but I am telling my close circle of friends. My wish is to ask Mariko-san to continuously support my son.”

A Japanese mother of 6 years old & 2 years old who go to pre-preparatory school

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