About Us


Sewayaki Mariko was established in March, 2019 by Mariko Kobayashi, a Japanese entrepreneur, to answer the demands of the communities of pre-preparatory school families and expat families in London. Sewayaki Mariko is an LSE-endorsed venture inspired by Japanese culture and Japanese educational discipline and manners. The business idea of Sewayaki Mariko is endorsed by The London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) as part of Tier 1 Graduate Entrepreneur Visa scheme.

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My name is Mariko Kobayashi. I am a multilingual (English, Japanese, Arabic and Spanish) Japanese who is an entrepreneur, founder, director and Educational Nanny of Sewayaki Mariko. I grew up in Tokyo, Japan. I have been based in London since September, 2017.

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Q. What does your company name “Sewayaki Mariko” mean? 

A. The word “Sewayaki (世話焼き)” derives from the Japanese language and means “someone who likes and enjoys taking care of people because that’s what he/she loves to do.” When the founder suggested “Sewayaki Mariko” as the name of the company to her existing Japanese clients, the clients liked the name and found it interesting because it perfectly described the founder’s personality when combined with the founder’s first name. This company name has been received with positive and warm laughter in the Japanese community because of the connotation that the name

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